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Name Speakers Description Product focus Audience Skill level
A Dream Come True: uAchieve TES Mode

TES Mode is new to uAchieve 5.0! At this presentation, attendees will learn how TES Mode can speed up the transfer evaluation process by routing evaluation tasks to the TES Evaluation Tracker workflow and building rules with pre-populated data from TES in uAchieve. Configurations within uAchieve TES Mode and TES, The Transfer Evaluation System, will also be addressed. A demo will be provided, showcasing how to look up course descriptions and build rules directly in uAchieve, and illustrating the lifecycle of an evaluation request initiated via TES Mode.

TES, uAchieve Degree AuditFunctionalBeginner, Intermediate, Advanced
Advanced Transfer Articulation Rules and Grades

With the majority of students bringing in some sort of transfer credit these days, there is often a need for more complex transfer table building in uAchieve. This session will provide an overview of several advanced transfer articulation rule builds, prior learning assessment builds, as well as ways to set-up the various TA grade tables to further facilitate more complex transfer situations.

uAchieve Degree AuditFunctionalIntermediate, Advanced
Beyond the Degree Audit

While producing degree audits remains the primary function of uAchieve, Virginia Tech is working to leverage the product in a number of other ways. This presentation is an overview of some how we are using uAchieve to enhance our change of major processes, creating 'advising checklists', creating a 'Minor Matcher', an automated error email for encoders, and other tools used by specific users.

uAchieve Degree AuditFunctionalBeginner, Intermediate, Advanced
Building TES Transfer Guides - With Tools You Already Have!

Interested in using uAchieve, TES and Transferology for electronic transfer guides? Join the University of Minnesota Twin Cities for a dynamic, hands on tutorial of how these three tools have changed our transfer game! By integrating TES, uAchieve and Transferology, we are able to reach more transfer students with enhanced information. _x000D_ _x000D_ Having a solid base knowledge of all three tools will allow the audience to jump in and begin creating their own guides.

TES, Transferology, uAchieve Degree AuditFunctional, Technical, AdministratorsIntermediate, Advanced
Course Changes Using the Convert Table and String Table

This session will cover encoding best practices for basic course conversions using the Convert Table and more advanced course conversions using the String Table. We’ll start with an overview of the Convert Table before expanding into the String Table to handle lecture/lab course conversions and upper division to lower division (and vice versa) course conversions.

uAchieve Degree AuditFunctionalBeginner, Intermediate
Customizing Audit Report and Plan PDF Templates

Have you ever wanted to make a few changes to how the audit looks? Have you ever wanted to redesign one from scratch completely? In this session, we'll cover how to make visual changes to the uAchieve audit and plan PDF templates, how to get them to show up in Self-Service for your campus to use, and how to create backups of the original templates for troubleshooting.

uAchieve Degree Audit, uAchieve PlannerFunctional, Technical, AdministratorsAdvanced
Customizing Self-Service with Java Code

Customizing Self-Service can be a great way to meet your schools' specific needs, but can greatly slow down future upgrades. In this session we will show you how to avoid some of those pitfalls by using our recommended Java hooks when making your customizations.

uAchieve Degree Audit, uAchieve Planner, uAchieve Schedule BuilderTechnicalIntermediate, Advanced
Data Deep Dive & Forgotten Features

See what the functional end-user data says about TES and get answers to some big questions. Which functions are being utilized most (and least) frequently? Are there predictable patterns of behavior, and have those patterns changed over time? Why do certain underutilized functions continue to be a part of the tool set?

TESFunctional, Technical, AdministratorsBeginner, Intermediate, Advanced
Demystifying Creating Equivalencies in TES

Are you interested in storing equivalencies in TES but don't know where to start? In this session, we will walk through the process of creating equivalencies in TES. We will explore some of the tools that TES offers to facilitate the identification of potential equivalencies, as well as how to store the results of evaluations. This session will demonstrate multiple ways to document the results of transfer articulation decisions, and potentially reevaluation of previous decisions.

TESFunctional, AdministratorsBeginner, Intermediate
Graduate Encoding Panel: Using the Degree Audit

The panel will be comprised of individuals who encode their graduate programs in uAchieve and are in a position to provide best practices and tips/tricks for the process.

uAchieve Degree AuditFunctionalBeginner, Intermediate, Advanced
Grouping Sub-Requirements

When students are given a choice among areas, but the areas must be in a single sub-requirement, course grouping in uAchieve must be employed. This session will cover how to encode single, multiple, and self-defining groups.

uAchieve Degree AuditFunctionalIntermediate
Incorporating Faculty Expertise in the Evaluation Process - Enhancements to the Evaluation Tracker Workflow

You spoke and we listened! The User Rights change implemented in June 2022 created greater flexibility within the Evaluation Tracker workflow. In this session, we will explore the Evaluation Tracker workflow and how you can tailor the process to suit your campuses' needs using the new user rights schema and priority departments feature.

TESFunctional, AdministratorsBeginner, Intermediate, Advanced
Incorporating Your Existing Tools into New Initiatives

Thanks to its participation in the National Association of System Heads Improvement Community (NASH NIC), the University of Illinois System has brainstormed innovative ways to expand the use of Transferology as a transfer planning resource. The Illinois MyCreditsTransfer team will present specific examples of enhanced Transferology tools, such as new approaches to degree audits, customized 'how to' videos, expanded course import use, and the Transfer Pathways web link.

Transferology, uAchieve Degree AuditFunctional, Technical, AdministratorsBeginner, Intermediate, Advanced
Introducing TES: An Overview for Beginners

Whether you are viewing TES for the first time, assessing which areas of TES you may be underutilizing, or just trying to recapture the big picture, this session is for you. We will review the major silos of functionality: researching curricula, managing the evaluation workflow, establishing and maintaining equivalencies, and serving as the TES system administrator. Special attention will be paid to the "why" of each area, underlying design concepts, and TES-specific terminology.

Introducing Transferology: An Overview for Beginners

If your school subscribes to Transferology, your school is looking to subscribe, or if you've never ever seen a demo, join us for this overview. The session will take a look at the student experience in Transferology and the staff perspective in the Transferology Lab. It's a great time to learn about all the benefits Transferology can offer!

TransferologyFunctional, AdministratorsBeginner
Keeping the Dream from becoming a nightmare: TES Annual Maintenance

What happens to equivalencies after they are created? Does your institution review equivalencies annually, every few years, or do you take a set-it-and-forget-it approach to equivalency management? This session will touch upon the tools available in TES to help keep your equivalencies healthy, up-to-date, and relevant: including migrating user-added courses, migrating course tags and outlines, and user maintenance. Come learn how to stay on top of your data and keep your TES implementation from becoming a nightmare!

TESFunctional, AdministratorsBeginner, Intermediate, Advanced
Know Your Rights! A User Rights Review for TES

TES user rights underwent a significant change in June of 2022. One year later, we will review each user right and how it could be applied at your institution. Whether you want staff only to be able to access course descriptions and stored equivalencies or if you want them to implement the Evaluation Tracker, this session will explore the possible user-right profiles you could assign your staff.

Make Group Reports Work for You

California Baptist University presents an overview of how group reports can enhance a user’s experience in TES/Transferology. We recreated the university’s articulation agreements using group reports accessible in the TES Public View. We used HTML and CSS coding to make these resources more user-friendly, such as adding a back-to-top button and external links to Transferology and CBU academic catalog. These resources are now used by CBU admissions, advising, and registrar staff, as well as current/prospective students.

TESFunctionalBeginner, Intermediate
Maximizing Our Use of TES to Aid in Consistent Application of Transfer Credit

Join the University of Arizona Global Campus (UAGC) on our journey into strategically reviewing the tools and systems used to ensure consistent and equitable transfer of credit. This journey reiterated our need for one main equivalency database and the services TES provide currently meet this need. We will share how we leveraged institutional data and TES features to create a strong and clean data foundation, develop and implement effective maintenance, and plan for future enhanced use of TES.

TESFunctional, Technical, AdministratorsBeginner, Intermediate, Advanced
Panel of Expert Encoders

Join the Success Team's uAchieve expert encoders for Tips, Tricks and New and maybe forgotten settings.

uAchieve Degree Audit, uAchieve Planner, uAchieve Schedule BuilderTechnicalIntermediate, Advanced
Performance Testing the uAchieve Web Application with Apache JMeter

This session will cover the benefits of performance testing the uAchieve web application with Apache JMeter. Attendees will learn about what JMeter is, how it works, and also go over how to get started on creating tests of your own!

uAchieve Degree AuditFunctionalBeginner, Intermediate
Repeat Table and Duplicate Logic

uAchieve Degree Audit has built in processing to identify duplicate courses and processes them according to your institutional policies. uAchieve handles repeatable and non-repeatable courses. We will also discuss a few traditional repeat policies based on timing and best grades.

uAchieve Degree AuditFunctionalBeginner
Requirement Lists and Markers

Requirement lists and markers can be a huge help when encoding your degree audits. This session will discuss what requirement lists and markers are, how to encode them, and what they mean for your institutions degree audit.

uAchieve Degree Audit, uAchieve Planner, uAchieve Schedule BuilderFunctional, Technical, AdministratorsBeginner, Intermediate, Advanced
Respond and Share: Degree Achievement

The Respond & Share sessions give users a chance to share ideas and discuss any topic they want to related to CollegeSource products. Respond & Share sessions are moderated by members of the Client Advisory Board.

uAchieve Degree Audit, uAchieve Planner, uAchieve Schedule BuilderFunctional, Technical, AdministratorsBeginner, Intermediate, Advanced
Respond and Share: Transfer Solutions

The Respond & Share sessions give users a chance to share ideas and discuss any topic they want to related to CollegeSource products. Respond & Share sessions are moderated by members of the Client Advisory Board.

TES, TransferologyFunctional, Technical, AdministratorsBeginner, Intermediate, Advanced
Security and Accessibility Practices in Transferology and uAchieve

Having secure and accessible web applications is a fundamental part of web design. Look behind the curtain and learn what we're doing to make Transferology and uAchieve as secure and accessible as possible.

Transferology, uAchieve Degree AuditFunctional, Technical, AdministratorsBeginner, Intermediate, Advanced
State of uAchieve Cloud

CollegeSource has been making many enhancements to the uAchieve cloud to make the cloud more flexible to meet client needs. Come see the current state of uAchieve cloud and see what is coming soon.

uAchieve Degree Audit, uAchieve Planner, uAchieve Schedule BuilderFunctional, Technical, AdministratorsBeginner
Styling the TES Public View with CSS

Dreaming of having your public view or Group Reports to match your institution's branding? Using TES's public view Custom CSS you can do just that. In this session we will go over the basics of styling your public view and go through a couple of tools you can use to get the colors just right.

TES API: Virtual Legos for Custom Projects

Did you know Duplo Lego blocks and regular building blocks work together? Well, they do! In this session, we will discuss how to use the TES Webservice APIs to take two seemingly different systems and enable them to work together. We will provide real-life examples of how clients use the APIs today.

TES: What's New, What's Next

Come and see what's new in TES since the last user conference. We will cover updates to the Evaluation Tracker workflow, User Management, and more. We will showcase the latest features in TES and review some of the most requested enhancements. There will be time for you to provide feedback on what you want to see within TES in the future.

The Grade Table

The Grade Table is a powerful tool within uAchieve that is often forgotten after the initial set-up. This session will provide an overview of the Grade Table fields, their functionality, and more advanced grade configurations.

uAchieve Degree AuditFunctionalBeginner
Transferology Expert Café

Do you have questions about Transferology that CollegeSource staff can assist with? Is there a burning question that you've wanted to ask and haven't yet? If so, grab your favorite caffeinated beverage (or decaf, we won't judge!) and join the CollegeSource Transferology crew as we show new and forgotten features, take questions, and discuss all things Transferology.

TransferologyFunctional, Technical, AdministratorsBeginner, Intermediate, Advanced
Transferology Updates: Dreams Coming True

Let's take a look at what the last year has brought to Transferology and look at future enhancements. The next version, 1.9.5, is loaded with new lab features and 2.0 is on the horizon. We will explore the features, look at some numbers, and share some of the latest enhancements.

TransferologyFunctional, Technical, AdministratorsBeginner, Intermediate
Transferology Users Panel - Ask Your Colleagues

Come with your questions and discussion topics for our Transferology and Transferology Lab panel. We'll have staff from a 4-year, 2-year, Private, and State Licensure. Learn from those that have some history and experience utilizing the product.

TransferologyFunctional, Technical, AdministratorsBeginner, Intermediate, Advanced
T-Rex - PeopleSoft and Banner in Transferology

The Transfer Rule Extractor (T-Rex) is a tool that allows you to load your PeopleSoft or Banner equivalencies directly into Transferology. T-Rex is for schools who want to be in Transferology but don't use uAchieve TA or store equivalencies in TES. This session will discuss what it is, how it works, and how you can start using it!

TransferologyFunctional, Technical, AdministratorsBeginner, Intermediate
uAchieve 5.0: Dreaming New Dreams with the Ultimate in Course Planning

Introducing the newest uAchieve with the evolutionary step in course term planning of automated plan building, alerts, and adjustments (made possible by our uAchieve degree audit engine). See how uAchieve 5.0 delivers: • Automated plan suggestions to eliminate tedious drag-and-drop and high-maintenance roadmaps • Pro-active alerts to prevent planning mistakes • Automatic plan adjustments based on real-time changes • Refreshed user interface is more student-friendly • Improved mobile access Learn how to guide your students to degree faster with less effort—the stuff of dreams!

uAchieve Degree Audit, uAchieve Planner, uAchieve Schedule BuilderFunctional, AdministratorsBeginner
uAchieve 5.0 Updates (non-Planner)

Join us to learn more about the latest major release of uAchieve. The 5.0 version of uAchieve is now available and includes new product features, integrations, and user interface updates - encompassing over 800 enhancements and improvements. This session will focus on uAchieve core functionality. The completely rewritten Planner and new uAchieve-TES Interface will be covered in detail in their own dedicated sessions.

uAchieve Degree Audit, uAchieve Schedule BuilderFunctional, TechnicalBeginner, Intermediate, Advanced
uAchieve Planner

uAchieve Planner has new functionality for students and advisors, and also behind the scenes. Find out what's there for set-up and encoding, now that roadmaps have gone away.

uAchieve Degree Audit, uAchieve PlannerFunctional, AdministratorsBeginner, Intermediate, Advanced
uAchieve Planner 5.0 Updates and Beyond

We have made some big changes to Planner in uAchieve 5.0 which was released in March 2023. With this being our largest release yet, we will share an in-depth technical overview of how to make the leap to 5.0 Planner and talk about some of the exciting things we are working on for the future.

uAchieve PlannerTechnical, AdministratorsBeginner, Intermediate, Advanced
uAchieve Processing

Take a look at what happens from submitting an audit request to receiving the report. The session will focus on how uAchieve matches, assigns, and moves courses around 'the phases.'

uAchieve Degree AuditFunctional, Technical, AdministratorsBeginner, Intermediate, Advanced
Using DARS to Enforce University Policies

Did you know many University Graduation Policies can be enforced using the Degree Audit? This session will cover: 1. Requiring additional minimum hours for additional degrees, 2. Holds Stopping Graduation Clearance, and 3. Residency Requirements.

uAchieve Degree AuditFunctionalIntermediate
What's New in Transferology

Join us as we take an in-depth look at the new features now available in the 1.9.4 and 1.9.5 releases of Transferology. As a Transferology Lab user, this session will demonstrate additions such as bundle collaboration, crosswalk management, course catalog requests, and more.

Wheel of Fortune! TES Interactive Fun

Lighten up your day and your conference with this creative take on TES and Transferology features and processes. Join us as "Pat Sajak" and "Vanna White" take you through a whimsical tour of some of the prominent (and some of the more obscure) features of TES and Transferology!! Will we learn something? Possibly. Will we have a good time? Certainly. Feedback from previous sessions: I hate being next to this session every year at Users...they sound like they are having way more fun than we are! -- Anonymous uAchieve presenter

TES, TransferologyFunctional, Technical, AdministratorsBeginner, Intermediate, Advanced
X/Y Lines and X-line Series

Need a refresher on X- and Y-lines? Want to know what an X-line series is and how you can use it? Join us as we discuss how to use X- and Y-lines to set up course limits that are enforced over one or more sub-requirements.

uAchieve Degree AuditFunctionalIntermediate